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The National Trial Lawyers
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Legal solutions that meet your specific needs.​

Life presents scenarios, which if not handled properly, could have severe legal consequences and cost you more than money. I believe in practical legal advice. With Arbor Law, you get a licensed attorney offering you practical, common-sense based solutions.

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Business Law

We are ready and qualified to meet all your business legal needs from initial formation to final exit strategy.

Real Estate and Housing Law

We approach every situation as unique and represent our clients in everything from evictions to negotiating commercial property deals.

Estate Law

We will help you get your personal affairs in order at any level during any point in your journey.

Civil Law

Arbor Law will handle your case impartially and with your best interest at hand ensuring a fair and just outcome to your litigation.

Frequently asked questions

Contacting an attorney does not have to be an expensive or ongoing engagement. Sometimes answers can come free and at no cost. The quicker you can get to a just solution without conflict, the better. The first step is to contact an attorney to see what your options are.

Most business legal needs don’t start with a subpoena, rather a question and a need for information. This is where Arbor Law is designed to help. Arbor Law is prepared to provide for all your business legal needs from one-off transactional services through general counsel services with periodic to ongoing representation.

Civil law relates to your legal grievances with other members of the community (people, companies, organizations, agencies, etc.).

We all periodically find ourselves having a question about a legal matter involving another person or entity and are unsure of whether or not to contact an attorney. If your grievance is not with the government, this is a civil law matter. This is a good time to talk to an attorney.

Honestly, for most situations, using the might of the court system usually isn’t the right answer. There are other more creative and less costly strategies to find justice and peace. Nevertheless, sometimes you’re left with no option and need to escalate.

It is always best to use an attorney to do an attorney’s job. Do not rely on the internet for legal forms and online advice, which may have unintended consequences. Allow Arbor Law to work for you.