Wills, Trusts, and Estates

Wills, Trusts, and Estates are simply about keeping your personal affairs in order. Your legal needs in this area span your entire life. Arbor Law is prepared to assist you in taking care of these needs at any level during any point in your journey.

Arbor Law will help you get and keep your affairs in order before someone else does it for you. It is just easier to make sure things happen the way you want if your plans are written down. Having these things in order is simply the responsible thing to do, just like maintaining insurance. Keeping your affairs in order does require some thought and planning, but it does not have to be costly or complicated,

People's needs in this area of the law vary immensely and can be very simple or very, very, complicated. Arbor law can provide you guidance and counsel no matter what your unique situation is.


“Winding up your affairs effectively requires specific knowledge and expertise in multiple disciplines, I went out and got it, now have that very specific education. This is an area I have been working in my whole career, It’s what I am good at, it’s what I do.”

— Jay D Mukerji, JD MBA CFP CLU ChFC

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