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Real Estate and Housing Law

Real Estate & Housing Law

Arbor Law PLLC specializes in Real Estate and Housing Law.  That means we handle cases like Land Contracts, Purchase Sale Agreements, Acquisition of Property, Leases, Liens, Housing Law, Landlord-Tenant disputes, and Evictions.  We also practice civil law and take our disputes to the court if needed. 


Arbor Law PLLC is based out of Ann Arbor, MI.  Ann Arbor is a place uniquely suited to practice Real Estate and Housing Law. The University of Michigan attracts over 50,000 students throughout the year, every year.  That is a ton of leases, 1/3 of which statistically will be broken.  Both landlord and tenant have rights, and we specialize in that.  

Arbor Law PLLC has the experience to handle your case whether it be a roommate dispute, eviction, breaking a lease, or writing a lease.  If you find yourself stuck in one of these situations, it can be a nightmare.  Call us today!