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We are all only human which means we can get ourselves in situations where we find ourselves crossing over legal lines at points in our life. In fact, that is the reason the law exists. The rules create the lanes we are supposed to stay inside, but like anyone driving endlessly on this road called life, we all eventually veer outside the lines. Let Arbor Law steer you on the right path.

Attorney Jay D. Mukerji is lawyer with a sense of duty and willing to help you navigate your way through your criminal law situations.

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*Discounted criminal services for students, recent graduates, and people under 25.

“At Arbor Law there is no judgment. For me it’s just business, it’s what I do for a living, let me help you take care of it.”

— Jay D Mukerji, JD MBA CFP CLU ChFC


Before you pay that underage drinking ticket, public intoxication, or possession, you need to understand consequence this will have on your driver’s license for years!

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