Civil Law

Civil law relates to your legal grievances with other members of the community (people, companies, organizations, agencies, etc.).

We all periodically find ourselves having a question about a legal matter involving another person or entity and are unsure of whether or not to contact an attorney. If your grievance is not with the government, this is a civil law matter. This is a good time to talk to an attorney.

Adversarial situations today are not only emotionally draining, they can also be dangerous. In the world we live in today it is best to remove yourself from adversarial situations for both your reputation and safety, and that of your loved ones. Arbor Law is prepared to assess your situation and thoroughly research, educate, present options, and take action to stand up for client interests when necessary. Allowing Arbor Law to take care of these matters removes the emotion and potential liability that comes with it. That way you keep your reputation clean, and Arbor Law can handle things impartially, unemotionally, and with your best interest at hand in helping you get a more fair and just outcome.

But Can I Afford an Attorney?

Contacting an attorney does not have to be an expensive or ongoing engagement. Sometimes answers can come free and at no cost. The quicker you can get to a just solution without conflict, the better. The first step is to contact an attorney to see what your options are.

Attorney Jay D. Mukerji has a well-rounded education and experience to assist clients in a variety of Civil law disputes both efficiently and effectively. Arbor Law gives real, practical solutions that achieve a client’s goal with the smallest footprint available.


“Honestly, for most situations, using the might of the court system usually isn’t the right answer. There are other more creative and less costly strategies to find justice and peace, but sometimes you're left with no option and need to escalate…”

— Jay D Mukerji, JD MBA CFP CLU ChFC

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